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french cuisine,typical food french, french gastronomie La potee: with pork, bacon, pork chops, green cabbage, leeks, green beans, carrots, turnips, potatoes and garlic comes from what area?       Center, Auvergne ? You will know it with the guide of Pierrette !! it's auvergne. INGREDIENTS : blade of pork, hal a knuckle of ham, … [Lire plus...]

Potage Saint-Germain,


French cuisine, Potage Saint-Germain, a split pea soup with leeks, celery, cream, croutons, is typical of which city?           you will know it with the guide of Pierrette !! it's from Paris ...     Ingrédients : Pea and ham soup, peas, onion, green of leeks, lettuce, salt pork belly, butter, bouquet garni, stock. … [Lire plus...]



cassoulet-148-du-guide-de-pierrette French cuisine, What area do you find the classic Cassoulet that includes white beans, pork sausage, goose fat, cooked and cooked to perfection               It is from Throughout the  Gascogne, Toulouse, carcassonne, Ingredients :  Noned mutton, pork, lean bacon, toulouse sausages, garlic … [Lire plus...]

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Escargots, or the larger variety of snails are typically from which of the following regions? The classic preparation has garlic, butter, and parsley.         Lorraine, Champagne, Bourgogne (Burgundy) you will know it with the guide of Pierrette ! Ingrédients : snails, for the stuffing : the butter, garlic and parsley is mashed … [Lire plus...]

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MACARONS AU CHOCOLAT raspberry, coffe, chocolate and vanilla macaroons. Ingredients ; stiffly beaten egg whites, ground hazelnuts, sugar, flour. Flavouring : chocolate, vanilla or coffe. Recipe : All the ingredients are mixed and small spoonfuls of the mixture baked in the oven. Served cold. SEE and BUY : Pierrette's GUIDE - RESTAURANT ESSENTIALS - … [Lire plus...]


FRENCH - ENGLISH Dictionary - French Food  - de A à Z - Pierrette 's Guide - Restaurant essentials What dish to choose ? French Cuisine - Provence - BOuillabaisse- Mediterranean fish stew - beignets de fleur de courgettes - courgette flower fritters - Baked aubergine and tomatoes, Gratin d'aubergines - gratin de courgettes - baked courgettes with … [Lire plus...]