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Pierrette's Guide + Recipes
Guide de Pierrette + Livret de recettes

276 pages + 942 photos
Format: 22 x 13 cm
959 Dishes explained
Offered: Booklet of 100 recipes
Author: Pierrette Feloux (read +)

cart 1 guide - recipes
Booklet of cuisine recipes
Livret de recettes

104 pages (Booklet sold separately)
Format: 15 x 21 cm paperback 
100 recipes of french countries 

Author: Pierrette Feloux (read +)

cart 2- booklet of recipes
Book downgrad
Guide de Pierrette destocké

276 pages + 942 photos (sold separately) Format: 22 x 13 cm paperback. 959 dishes explained books in good state but with slight printing mistakes (read +)

cart 3 - guide downgrad
Feuilletez le livre

Pierrette's guidebook:

The first dictionary in French, translated in English, German , Italian , Spanish . A great present for : -those who love french cuisine , they will discover new dishes and it will help them to diversify their everyday meals (959 dishes ) - for students in catering schools - for foreign tourists , il will help them to choose their menus in restaurants ( photos and descriptions ) -for French guides ; they won't have to explain the dishes -which is sometimes difficult ! A good idea for a present for school exchanges , the translated version and its recipes offered will be appreciated.

Pierrette's boutique:

Pierrette has selected 956 authentic and typical dishes from French areas , specialities and desserts from French cuisine . Pierrette's guidebook which has been approved by Joel Robuchon , Marc Veyrat and which is being used in catering schools Paul Bocuse , Ferrandi in Paris, Cordon Bleu in the world, is available on the website; the booklet of recipes can be offered or sold separately. (Photos)