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Buy english french book for eating french cuisine, online : The first book, 959 photos of typical dishes for eating the spécialities dishes all alreas of FRANCE, in the french restaurant. The names of dishes are translating french-english. The name of the book is " Pierrette's Guide" Restaurant essentials, What dish to … [Lire plus...]

Dictionnaire des noms des plats typiques français

Dictionnaire français en PHOTOS des noms des plats typiques français. La gastronomie française et la cuisine française, tous les noms de 959 plats, spécialités françaises, Toutes les régions françaises, tous les menus traditionnels des restaurants français sont dans le guide de Pierrette " l'indispensable au Restaurant" traduit pour les visiteurs … [Lire plus...]

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French cuisine, names of the French typical dishes, French gastronomy, menus of the restaurants of the French areas. Each traditional dish is a french speciality or regional. In Paris, you taste all the French dishes. More than 50 names of dishes are given in the following lines. These names are extracted from the guide of Pierrette, - on the … [Lire plus...]

Stations de skis en France,

Alpes, Courchevel, Mont blanc, Megève, quels plats typiques français pour manger après une journée de ski ? en Savoie,les 2 Alpes, Val Thorens, Tignes, La Plagne, 3 Vallées, .. des stations où vous pourrez après le ski, savourer les plats typiques de la cuisine française. Beaucoup de plats à base de fromages sont proposés , raclette, fondue … [Lire plus...]

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Cuisine francaise en visite de la France, plats typiques français. La gastronomie française des régions françaises traduit en dictionnaire -guide à offrir, ou à s'acheter en cadeau pour son voyage en France. Traduit en français-anglais, français-allemand, français-espagnol, français-italien, et en français. Regardez le site : … [Lire plus...]

French food

 Dictionary to help with the translation of the gastronomy and French food to carry to the dinner, menus of the restaurants of France. The French typical dishes are easy to choose. Dictionary useful by its pocket format to be carried for its voyage in France and in the restaurants. The photographs and the dictionary are complete to educate all … [Lire plus...]

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French gastronomy, French food, dishes typical French, dinner gastronomical French, French specialities, French traditional dishes, dictionary of the French regional dishes translated frances- English.Dictionary and photos translate : French-Englishof l' Apricot to Vol au Vent, desserts and cheeses, Essential to dine with the restaurant, … [Lire plus...]

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In France, Which the French typical dishes? What eats French? French typical food? French traditional dishes? of all the areas of France, find all the French kitchen and the French gastronomy, desserts, cheeses on the guide of Pierrette. An extract of the index of the 959 dishes described with their photos in the guide on the French cuisine, are … [Lire plus...]

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French dishes


mont-saint-michel  In France, the french food, the charts and menus of the French restaurants have a number of typical dishes, French cuisine, traditional dishes, and French specialities so important, which you will have to buy the Guide of Pierrette to learn how with all to recognize them. You will learn by this guide, collection and dictionary … [Lire plus...]