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French typical receipt of the FRENCH CUISINE to cheeses, a French receipt, a CUISINE of the French tradition, and French Savoyard gastronomy.French recipe, french choose, cooks, this text is translated by Internet Alta Vista. excuse to us errors. The FONDUE IN SAVOY with cheese of BEAUFORT east consumed since the average page called " a … [Lire plus...]

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Dictionary French cuisine, french-english, french gastronomy, dictionary names of the traditional cuisine, french dishes,French cuisine typical, French menus, French specialities. All the names of the dishes of the French traditional restaurants, breweries, delicatessens, restaurants of the French areas are in the " guide of Pierrette"  translated … [Lire plus...]

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Cuisine French " tradition" cuisine French, French typical dish, French cuisine of Perigord.cuisine of the Dordogne. to cook the foie gras, this traditional Périgourdine receipt is in the 959 dishes which you will be able to discover of the FRENCH CUISINE in " The PIERRETTE 'S GUIDE " in PHOTOS and DESCRIPTIONS. This … [Lire plus...]

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Brittany, French traditional Receipt, the receipt of the crèpes, specialities French, French cuisine, serve typical French, French gastronomy of Brittany, salted or sweetened is a tasting not to be missed at the time of its visit in Brittany, accompanied by Breton cider crepes are delicious.  RECEIPT AND THE PHOTOGRAPH IS GIVEN AFTER. this text is … [Lire plus...]

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 France and the food French cuisine, the typical dishes of the French cuisine, traditional dishes of the French food, and the specialities of the French cuisine are in the FIRST BOOK with PHOTO translated into English French called " guide of Pierrette" on the French cuisine. This text is translated by Internet site Alta Vista. Thank you to excuse … [Lire plus...]

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French cuisine, names of the French typical dishes, French gastronomy, menus of the restaurants of the French areas. Each traditional dish is a french speciality or regional. In Paris, you taste all the French dishes. More than 50 names of dishes are given in the following lines. These names are extracted from the guide of Pierrette, - on the … [Lire plus...]

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 What to eat in Paris? French typical food, French specialities, French gastronomy, charts and menus of the restaurants, French traditional dishes, French desserts, all the French cuisine is in Paris. pot-au-feu-668-du-guide-de-pierrette The French specialities are:     the pot with fire (beef, leeks, carrots, cooked in a meat stock) … [Lire plus...]

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mont-saint-michel  In France, the french food, the charts and menus of the French restaurants have a number of typical dishes, French cuisine, traditional dishes, and French specialities so important, which you will have to buy the Guide of Pierrette to learn how with all to recognize them. You will learn by this guide, collection and dictionary … [Lire plus...]

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 Ever sat down to a meal in France and been not quite sure of what you’ve ordered? This handy guide covers all the essential ingredients in French cuisine, and an alphabetised list with English translations featuring the most common uses of each one, along with a small photo to give you an idea what it’ll look like on the plate. It’s an … [Lire plus...]