Lille, cook, typical specialities

Lille,cook and typical specialities of the gastronomy of Lille. The typical specialities of Lille, the French specialities, french cuisine and the french gastronomy are the dishes which you will find
with the editions P. FELOUX which come to publish:
the FIRST GUDE – DICTIONARY in PHOTOGRAPHS of the French specialities

959 names of dishes of the French cuisine.

Translated into French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.

—– this text is translated by Internet, of the errors exist. Thank you to excuse us. The translations of the book are without error —-

guide_pierrette_en.jpgYou will know all the dishes of the French areas, photographs, descriptions of the food which composes them, fast receipt.

A practical format of pocket, this book is the complement with your visits of the areas of France, for all your dinners of the restaurants of France.

All the menus are translated to help you with better choosing the dishes and French specialities. Look at the pages of the book, and the lexicon of the 959 names on Internet site:

IN LILLE, you will be able to taste:
the cheeses (Vieux-Lille cheese, Square of Fortifying, mimolette, Maroilles cheese),
the tepid tart with brown sugar,
the potjevleesh
with juniper
and the beers (white beer, lager, brown ale, ambrée beer),
the tangerine Napoleon (digestive drink) mussels marine,
the waterzoï, (blanquette with the poultry)
cake of leeks with the Maroilles cheese,
welsh. (sections of bread, beer and cheddar passed with the furnace)

You do not know all these dishes? they are in photographs in the guide dictionary, you will have the answer to your questions.

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