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 Receipt of the tartiflette. For 6 People Preparation 20 minutes Cooking 1 Hour
tartiflette-Pierrette's guide french cuisine


INGREDIENTS: 900 potato gr. 2 large onions 1 thick smoked ham section (300 gr.) 40 dry white wine Cl of Savoy 1 reblochon 50 butter gr. salt, pepper,

 PREPARATION Make cook potatoes in their skin 15 minutes with l’ salted ebullient water. Peel detail them out of thick discs. In a frying pan, put to melt peeled onions and thin slices in sparkling butter, add ham cut out of dice and the potato discs. Salt and pepper.
Let gild 15 minutes from time to time while stirring up, then pour the whole in a large ground dish. Scrape the reblochon with the knife, cross into two in l’ thickness and pose it on potatoes. Pour the white wine and make cook the tartiflette with the furnace with 180 ° C (TH 6) during 30 minutes. Be used the crusty and marrowy tartiflette for the spoon, accompanied d’ a salad;

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