Culinary dictionary eating english french food

Culinary dictionary french english, eating french food in France, french alreas, 959 photos of french typical dishes, book translated english french for your dinners -menus of french restaurant.

The Pierrette’s guide is the first book- photo translated french-english for your traductor. The names of french dishes are translating. This book is for you.The visit of the France is easy with the book translated for eating the traditionel dishes.

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The photos of soups, starters, appetisers, salads, eggs, snails, frogs legs, fish, shellfish, poultry and game, the meat ‘( beef, bull, mutton, lamb, pork, veal, tripe and offal, cooked  meats and similar, one-dish meals, pasta, rice, fresh vegetables, potatoes, mushrooms, fruit, desserts, pancakes, ice cream, (cream) sweets, pastries, souffles, sauces, bread, cheese.


The book-guide is intended as en approcach to our french cuisine. Each dish is described according to the traditional principles or our gastronomy and comes in two parts : the ingredients, and a quick préparation and cook.

Based on a menu in french,you can earch as follows :

  • in thee alphabetical glossary of dishes in French, with numbers in ascending order
  • in the index of dishes by category ( starters …)


Typical french dishes are : stewed beef, steak and chips, calf’s head, mussels in wine, herrings with potato salad, burgundy snails, frogs legs.

The most refined dishes are :

Foie gras, scallops, caviar, wild salmon, Bresse capon.


By the menus in gastronomic restaurants run by famous top chefs. You will not find the dish but I suggest you look up the various names of the dish proposed in thi guide.

Examples :

  • Braised calf’s sweetbreads with asparagus and mushrooms, ( in the guide look up  » swaetbreads » to see the photo, then » asparagus » and afterwards ‘ mushroom)
  • Calf’s kidney with smoked bacon flavoured with ceps :
  • ( in the guide look up  » calf’s kidney then « ceps ».

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You can buy the book on the web site with paypal.

You can see the  » points de vente » in France, on the site



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