Lyon, typical dishes, spécialities,

In Lyon, gastronomy,typical dishes Lyons and specialities, Lyons typical gastronomy, the Lyons cuisine proposes the Lyons specialities of its typical dishes to taste in the Lyons stoppers.

—— THIS TEXT EAST TRANSLATED BY Internet, of the errors exist, thank you to excuse us. But the sold book is translated by the professionals of each country, without any error. ——

Dishes and Lyons specialities:
Sausage to be cooked,
rivet washer,
darling, saveloy,
Lyons salads,
apron of sapper,
double fat,
let us gratons,
Lyons andouillette,
brain of silk worker,
then the cheeses: saint Marcellin,
the pastry making of Candlemas: the bugne,
and the delicacy  » the papillote »

You know all these dishes of names, but their composition is a question: of what is composed Lyons salads? brain of silk worker? the double fat? the apron of sapper?

guide_pierrette_en.jpgThe answers are in: the FIRST GUIDE-DICTIONNAIRE of the French typical dishes left to the editions P. FELOUX under the title :


959 names and photographs of dishes typical, traditional, French specialities of all the French areas.

Translated into French,

this first guide dictionary is a help to learn the French cooked dishes. You will have the photograph of the dish, the description of the food which composes the dishes, the fast receipts.

The whole receipt is on the site: of spangled French big bosses often give their personal receipts. The guide is a pocket format, practical, useful and easy with two lexicons, l’ one of A to Z by alphabetical letter, the other by category of dishes.

l’ INSTITUTE Paul BOCUSE of world famous, bought the guide-dictionary to place it at the disposal of its pupils of the whole world at the time of its courses of French cuisine. This guide-dictionary is to be offered to very in love with the French cuisine, epicurean of the French cuisine, the bachus of the French cuisine.

The sales outlets are on the site, but any bookshop can get it, if an sales outlet is not close to on your premise, like all the fnac of France and foreigner. Houses of France London, Ireland, New York, addressed to their subscribers information of the exit of the book. They distribute in their buildings the folders d’ information on the guide. The magazine  » France living  of October 2008 page 12 spoke about the Pierrette’s guide .

The site sells on line with safety paypal, the guide in the version of your choice. You receive a small present and a dedication personalized by the author before 5 days in Europe after the payment. The comments of the users of the whole world are available on the site. To make known and to diffuse by the Net.

GOOD APPETITE with the PIERRETTE’S GUIDE and the French cuisine on the site:

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