Names of the Parisian dishes, cooks French

A to Z, names of Parisian dishes, Paris, French specialities, Parisian typical dishes, Paris, Parisian dishes of the charts small of the restaurants, cooks France. The French cuisine is found in the majority of the breweries and Parisian restaurants.

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To choose the dishes of the Parisian restaurants, a book – dictionary gathers the Parisian typical dishes and French specialities, by their names and alphabetical letter, lexicon of A to Z, or lexicon by category of dishes.

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- FIRST Book – dictionary Translated and into PHOTOGRAPHS,
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Adopted by l’ international school with Ecully in the Rhone, Institute of Mr Paul BOCUSE for his pupils of the whole world, the courses of French cuisine; the book reference of the French cuisine.

959 Names of dishes, and photographs, described by principal food, fast receipt by its mode of preparation and mode of cooking. Ideal memorandum to find the food d’ a receipt without leaving the large recipe book.

The French specialities are:

the pot with fire (beef, leeks, carrots, cooked in a meat stock) to taste with gherkins and mustard.

The steak tartare, beef chopped that l’ one eats believed with condiments onions, yellow d’ egg, ketchup, gherkins, mustard, sauce worcestershire.) Some require to cook steak. been useful with chips. and all beef roasted (dimension of ox, thick piece of 5 centimetres,) flap, paved rumsteak,

Tournedos rossini (thick ox of 6 centimetres been useful with foie gras and a toast)

guide_pierrette_en.jpg- the small one salted, (lenses with pigmeat, sausages lenses, it potful

is containing cabbages, carrots, potatoes, according to its name Alsatian potful, auvergnate, lorainne, Basque, etc… one adds various meats or sausages, and other vegetables (haricot beans, leeks, turnips…)

French COOKS rabbit stew, (rabbit cooked after a marinade with the red wine and condiments) been useful out of sauce, often been useful with pastes

Sir Crunches, of ham between two sandwich bread sections, of the bechamel sauce and the Gruyere gratiné on the top,

Madam Crunches, crunches it Mister with an egg with the dish posed on the top,

the stuffed snails, the French typical dish the snails are served in their shell after having cooked with the furnace with a joke (butter, garlic and parsley)

calf sweetbread, the kidneys, the hearts, are meat offals cooked with sauces.

– Seafood, been useful for the majority believed on a  » plateau » (oysters, crawfish, shrimps, moulds, clams, hard shell clams,) bulots cooked been useful with mayonnaise. –
Cheeses: France has so much varieties of cheese qu’ he is said, qu’ French can eat a cheese different the 365 days from l’ year.



- desserts:
(lemon tart, paste broken with the lemon juice and pieces of lemon peel mixed with sugar and eggs. Is often presented with meringue above, is called lemon tart meringué.
All tarts, with apples, or various fruits of season.
Babas with rum, (kind of brioche soaked completely with rums, been useful with whipped cream)
- the caramel custards, (blank with eggs and caramel)
the coffee ice creams, (swell of ice coffee with chantilly and coffee)
chocolate mousses, (mixture of yellow d’ eggs, chocolate and cream fraiche)
crèpes with the chocolate, and famous the crèpes suzettes (been useful flamed with the large one – marnier, peels d’ oranges)
pears beautiful – Helene, (pears with ice cream vanilla, and hot chocolate)
profiteroles with the chocolate (paste with cabbages with l’ interior of the ice vanilla, and the hot chocolate been used above)
marrowy for the chocolate (chocolate cake running with l’ interior) etc

will have you the choice in Paris of much of traditional dishes of whole France, (sauerkraut, bouillabaisse, fondues, crèpes Breton etc…)

goods d’ others which are not named in this page….

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