french gastronomy

guide_pierrette_en.jpgDictionary and photos translate : French-English,French gastronomy,  French typical dishes of l’ Apricot to Vol au Vent, desserts and cheeses, Essential to dine with the restaurant, translation of the menus, French food. Look at the photograph of rice and that of the calf rice, you will include/understand at once. Practical by its pocket format 22 cm X 13 cm. L’ thickness of the book is of 1 centimètre. 959 flat are described by their ingredients which compose the dish (pot with fire) (Tartar) etc… on the method of preparation by l’ explanation of the fast receipt of the 959 dishes. Very complete you will find all the dishes of the restaurants of all the areas of France with l’ indication of their origin. The dish is clarified. You include/understand easily and immediately. You choose simply the traditional dishes and the French specialities. You can visit all the areas of France. The guide will give you all the names of the dishes. You have instantaneously the photograph of what you order. You will eat without you to mislead. You will dare magner dishes that you n’ will ever have dared to eat. The presentation of the photograph will help you there. L’ essence of written description n’ is not always sufficient: what resembles of calf sweetbread? , of the kidneys? foie gras? snails? frog thighs? oysters? wild boar? A baba with rum? Paris Brest? marrowy with the chocolate? more d’ need; to imagine, the photograph immediately informs you. Description follows the photograph immediately.
You have all the information to choose easily, plus any difficulty. this book guides dictionary lexicon collection of all the typical dishes which you will find in all the restaurants of FRrance comes d’ to be published. Find on the site:, its presentation. Buy on the site with paypal. Before 7 days will receive it to you on your premise. L’ author will especially dedicate for vour the book. You will find on the site all the sales outlets in France. And also on Gift, on the site:
 you will have all the receipts of the guide. In more all the spangled big bosses their receipts give. Very often visit the site to find news receipe.
This dictionary is translated into French-English, French-Spanish, French-Italian, and in French version only.

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