what to eat in France?

what to eat in France? the dishes the French cuisine make the French gastronomy. Receipts and desserts are typical specialities of France, by areas, which you will discover in the collection, guides of Pierrette.
guide_pierrette_en.jpgTo prepare your voyage and to find all information on the products and food of the traditional kitchen.
The typical dishes of the starters, meats, fish, vegetables, cheeses, desserts and pastry makings are on the collection, delivers Pierrette.
Classified by alphabetical letter this guide of the French gastronomy, will give you the dishes of France, by selecting by categories your dishes to be tasted.
959 Dishes and photographs of the French cuisine to vary your tastings.
to buy this collection of the French gastronomy, l’ author will dedicate the book to you. You will receive it before 7 days.
 Sales outlets in France and with l’ foreigner are on the site: www.cuisine-francaise.org
Traditional receipts, and the receipts of the big bosses will be soon on line on the site: www.cuisine-francaise.org

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