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Being definitely aware of the difficulties encountered by travellers when confronted to unfamiliar cooking traditions and terms , the author dedicates this first guidebook to the tourists , amateurs of French gastronomy .

Pierrette, who has a passion for cooking , hopes to make her contribution to valorize the products of French « terroir »  and enable foreign visitors to discover them through photos and full descriptions .

Choosing a dish ( or a menu) and tasting it brings any gourmet a real pleasure .

The terms used on menus in most French restaurants have been adapted by the  author . It will make it easier for tourists to understand the menu in any  French restaurants or « brasseries » .

The guidebook is already available in 5 languages : English , German ,Spanish , Italian and French .
. The receipts of the guide are on Internet site:, o site : or on the little book given with the purchase pierrette’s guide.   

pierrette’s guide french boutique for marseille food,
Pierrette has selected 956 authentic and typical food and dishes from paris and French areas , food  specialities and food desserts from  French cuisine .
of paris and other areas. Pierrette’s guidebook which has been approved by Joel Robuchon , Marc Veyrat and which is being used in catering schools
Paul Bocuse , Ferrandi in Paris, Cordon Bleu in the world, is available on the website; the booklet of  100 recipes from paris food can be offered or sold separately  9,99 € on the website or or, or, ; the booklet of recipes can be offered or sold separately on the website of pierrette’s guide : www.cuisine-francaise.orgBefore 5 days you receive the PIERRETTE’S GUIDE personalized gifts.

A  great  present for know  959 foods in the france, what eat, what meals in the france and a help with pictures for the french restaurant,  foods, meals to french restaurant, help for the menu and the eat of french restaurant, dishes typical, specialty of France.  ( offered 100 recipes on the web site : and

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