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dishes french to eat paris, to eat french dishes traditional paris,what eat traditional dishes paris, what eat dishes ? to eat traditional paris,what dishes paris, to eat 959 dishes traditional paris THE PIERRETTE S GUIDE with 959 pictures of french foods, meals, traditional, typical, authentic paris and france, 

Pierrette’s boutique
Pierrette has selected 956 authentic and typical dishes from French areas , specialities and desserts from  French cuisine . Pierrette’s guidebook
The first dictionary in French, translated in English, German , Italian , Spanish .

guide_pierrette_en.jpgA  great  present for :
-those who love french cuisine , they will discover new dishes and it will help them to diversify their everyday meals (959  dishes )
– for students in catering schools
– for foreign tourists , il will help them to choose their menus in restaurants ( photos and descriptions )
-for French guides ; they won’t have to explain the dishes -which is sometimes difficult !

Pierrette’s guidebook for paris cooking which has been approved by Joel Robuchon , Marc Veyrat and which is being used in catering schools Paul Bocuse , Ferrandi in Paris, Cordon Bleu in the world, is available on the website or, or, ; the booklet of recipes can be offered or sold separately on the website of pierrette’s guide :

A  great  present for know  959 foods in the france, what eat, what meals in the france and a help with pictures for the french restaurant,  foods, meals to french restaurant, help for the menu and the eat of french restaurant, dishes typical, specialty of France.  ( offered 100 recipes on the web site : and (Before 5 days you receive the PIERRETTE’S GUIDE personalized gifts).

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