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Pierrette’s guidebook which has been approved by Joel Robuchon , Marc Veyrat and which is being used in catering schools
Paul Bocuse , Ferrandi in Paris, Cordon Bleu in the world, is available on the website; the booklet of recipes can be offered or sold separately 

french crepe  PIERRETTE'S GUIDE

french crepe PIERRETTE'S GUIDE

N° 245 PIERRETTE’S GUIDE ,  PATE A CREPE, basic Crepe Batter Recipe. Use this for any crepe making. 


200 gr [7 oz] flour / 1 egg /

 1/2 liter [17 fl oz] milk /

25 gr [1 oz] melted butter /

2 pinches salt , for sweet crepes, I like to add 3 Tablespoons sugar and 1 Tablespoon of rum.


Put the flour, salt (and sugar) in a salad bowl, dip a shaft and put the (whole) egg in. Turn with a wooden spoon and add the melted butter. Turn gently until you have incorporated all the flour (add some milk if you need but just enough). Now that the batter is soft but not liquid you have to turn very sharply so as to eliminate the lumps and obtain an homogeneous mixture. Finish pouring the milk slowly while turning.Leave the batter for at least one hour before cooking.


 Turn the batter. Heat a non-stick pan, put a light knod of butter in (swirl the pan to distribute the melting butter ; the pan must be hot enough to hear the butter fry but not too hot for the butter must not get brown !), pour a small laddle of batter on the pan while swirling it to distribute the batter evenly (this is the important trick !). Don’t forget crepes must be very thin ! Cook until golden brown, turn the crepe upside down and cook the other side the same way. Put it in a large plate, stuff it and fold it into 4, or roll it.
Do that again for each crepe.

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