FRANCE, what to do eat in France ?

At France, In france, what to do eat in the french cuisine ? France, what to do eat in the gastronomy? France what to do eat in the restaurants? what to do eat by areas of France? Photographs and Answers
in the PIERRETTE’S GUIDE, with the editions P. FELOUX,—–this text is translated by Internet, with errors, thank you to excuse us. The sold book is translated by professionals of each country, without any error.——

guide_pierrette_en.jpgyou will have in PHOTOGRAPHS, 959 answers to the question WHAT TO DO EAT IN FRANCE? l’ origin of the dishes with the name of their area, food of the dishes, preparations and mini receipts on 276 pages, in a pocket format, to carry for its meals and visits whole France. Ideal gift to learn the cuisine from France.Ce guides in French is translated into English, German, Spanish, Italian.

Useful, practical, easy with two lexicons, by alphabetical letter and category of dishes. This guide is to be offered and buy with all in love ones with the kitchen of France, to choose and know l’ food of France by areas. Ideal for the menus of the meals of the restaurants of France, this guide is your translator. More need for dictionary, the guide helps you to choose the dish.

In the French areas, l’ food is different because of the products from the soil. Here a small extract of the PIERRETTE’S GUIDE , WHAT DISH TO CHOOSE ? guides to answer the question that to eat according to the areas OF FRANCE? other areas not enumerated Ci after are given in the guide. (you have in the guide, Paris, l’ Alsace, Burgundy, the Alps, the Dordogne, sarlat and others..)

in Normandy
thanks to the cows Normans, the production of milk, allows a reputation of the cream fraiche, includes in many dishes, the production of the apples (Cox’s orange pippins and apples d’ api) to taste the cider of apples, and in the desserts: the receipt of apple tart with the still tepid Norman is a treat. With fish the plate Norman, mackerels with the white wine and cider, dimensions of calf to the Norman, the chicken valley d’ Trough, cheeses like: the bridge l’ bishop, the neufchatel.

 in Brittany,
the fish (nut of Jacques saint, lobster, moulds of mussel bed, oysters, plates, lobsters, etc. .et, the fish soup plate of seafood,  » famous crèpes and salted or sweetened Breton wafers, other desserts of Brittany: the far with prune, four Breton quarter,

in Bordeaux region:
the wine of Bordeaux wine finds a great place in the dishes, rib steak with of Bordeaux, rib steak merchant of wine, and in the desserts with the wine. The basin d’ Arcachon and its oysters, oysters in a plate. or cooked

in the Atlantic Pyrenees:
proximity of l’ Spain and its spices influence the dishes with pepper of l’ espelette, sweet peppers, in the piperade, basquaise chicken, omelette with Basque, garbure inhabitant of Béarn, will chipirons with l’ ink, and the famous dessert: the Basque cake….

in area Provence the Alps dimensions d’ azure,
of Marseilles, Aix in Provence, Avignon, canes, Nice, chin, fatty, antibes, and all the cities of Provence, you will eat all the kitchen of the Mediterranean with l’ oil d’ olive, fish, vegetables, l’ lamb of Sisteron, the fruits (figs, rhubarb, strawberries, etc. in clafoutis, ices, compotée, tart. The dish very known bouillabaisse of marseille » bourride, garlic mayonnaise, anchoiade, tapenade, fritters of zucchini flowers, ratatouille, lamb with grasses of Provence, tart of St tropez or the tropezienne, and well d’ others….

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