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A to Z, cooking French, French gastronomy, names of the French traditional dishes, names of the French typical dishes, names of the French specialities. Deliver dictionary in photographs of 959 names of the French dishes of the areas of France.

THIS TEXT EAST TRANSLATED BY Internet Alta Vista – errors are possible. THANK YOU TO EXCUSE US. But the translated book is the work of professional translators.

 The  » GUIDE DE PIERRETTE » on the French CUISINE is the FIRST BOOK TRANSLATED into photographs of all the French cooking, in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French. Each name of dish is presented by its photograph, l’ origin of its area, the name of the food which composes it, a fast receipt by its mode of presentation, its mode of cooking.

The more detailed receipt is on the site: In the translated versions the name of the dish is left in French before his translation. It is enough to keep the menu of the French restaurants.

All the dishes d’ entries, soups, meats (ox, lamb, pig.)
poultry (rabbit, hen, duck,….)
game (hare, roe-deer, wild boar, pheasant…
meat offals and tripe,
vegetables, (ratatouille, gratin Dauphinois, aligot,…. –
flat complete regional, (cassoulet, baeckoffe, bouillabaisse, cotriade, potful auvergnate, pot with fire….) – mixed salads (périgourdine, landaise,….)
cheeses (livarot, Maroilles cheese, cabecou….)
desserts (Brest bets, black fool, drill …..)
pastry making (savarin, baba with rum, cinnamons, Basque, marrowy cake with the chocolate….) blown with large – marnier… are in the book.
More questions about the French cuisine, which dish to choose? the guide and its photographs are there to answer all your questions. Envy to taste a considered dish,
the  » Tartar  »
 » the calf’s head sauce ravigote »
 » escargots »
 » thighs of grenouille »
 » the apron of sapeur »
the  » fat double ».
Thank you the  » Pierrette ‘s guide « .

On the site:, choose the flag of the country for reading in english language version, allemande, Spanish, Italian, French, In the square  » visualize the pages, you can look at:

 – l’ interior of the book,
to read the name of the 959 typical and traditional dishes, or French specialities .

 The pocket format of the book  » GUIDE DE PIERRETTE » is practical to be carried in its bag or with the hand in the restaurants of whole France.
Easy to consult by its lexicon of A to Z, or by its lexicon by category of dishes (entered, meats …..) No difficulty to find the name of the required dish. >

guide_pierrette_en.jpgOn the site, you can:
BUY with safety paypal, the book is sent the very same day and before 5 days in Europe you receive the  » guide of Pierrette » ; A word of l’ author, and a small present are joined.
TO READ the comments of the readers (New York, london, milano. ) and to join the very many readers of the whole world followers of the guide.
To find in France, addresses of the many sales outlets, (Tourist offices of the MOUNT Saint Michel, CANNES …..)
– The book is on sale on the site of
sells in its shops of MADRID, BARCELONA and BRUSSELS the book in Spanish, and French. In Spain, and Belgium, House of France which depends on Minstre of French Tourism

 – Make known the guide, a gift useful, practical, easy to use, one will thank you, everyone is unanimous to recognize its interest. It n’ exist any other book on the dishes of the French cuisine in photographs and translated.

L’ international school of cuisine French Paul BOCUSE, known in the whole world, bought the book for the library and its pupils American, English, Spanish, German, Italian….and French.

 This book is ideal to learn all the French cuisine, in several languages, it s’ addresses to:
- all amateurs of French cuisine,
– With the professional cooks or cooks amateurs who like the French cuisine,
–  with the pupils of the schools of French cuisine,
– with all those which guide the tourists towards the French gastronomy,
– with the restorers of the French cuisine for better explaining in the language of their customers, and presenting in photographs the dishes of the French cuisine,
– with the Masters d’ hotel, with the waiters of the restaurants of the French cuisine
– for the school exchanges, a gift of France on the famous French cuisine
– for your receptions d’ friends come from the foreign countries to help you to explain to them the dishes of the French cuisine in their language, and to help them to choose our French menus,

A USEFUL GIFT OF WELCOME in FRANCE for better knowing the French cuisine of international repute.


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