French typical receipts

 cooking french typical receipts, typical receipts of the French cook, to eat in France, the dishes typical. The receipts of the typical dishes of the French gastronomy, are on the site: There are also receipts of French spangled big bosses.   ------this text is translated by Internet, with errors, thank you to … [Lire plus...]

Aïoli, receipt of provence,


Aïoli or garlic mayonnaise, receipt of Provence. Garlic mayonnaise, typical receipt of Provence, receipt a speciality of the Mediterranean, traditional dish of Provence. Food which composes the receipt of l' garlic mayonnaise. The receipt is afterwards. The cod is the cooked fish of this typical dish.------this text is translated by Internet, of … [Lire plus...]

Cook of Provence, specialities of Provence, typical food.

Cook of Provence, specialities of Provence, cote d'azur, of the area PACA, typical food of Ardeche, drome, the High Alps, Gard, Vaucluse, the Alps de Haute Provence, Mouths of the Rhone, VAr and the Alps Maritimes which compose the PROVENCE area. From Marseilles, in Nice, you will taste the pastis, pots, tapenade, garlic mayonnaise, bouillabaisse, … [Lire plus...]

Receipt of fish sauerkraut


cook French cuisine, french receipt of fish sauerkraut or sauerkraut of the sea. Typical dishes, the sauerkraut also known under the name " sauerkraut alsacienne" is a dish of the area d' Alsace-Lorraine,----- this text is translated by Internet Alta Vista, of the errors are possible, thank you to excuse us. the guide is translated by professionals … [Lire plus...]

receipt of Tian of Provence, cooks French.

Cook French, flat typical of Provence, the French CUISINE and its dishes translated in the book, dictionary in photographs, French-English, French-Spanish, French-Italian, French-German, and in French.---- This text is translated by Internet Alta Vista. Errors are possible. Thank you to excuse us. But the book proposed is translated by … [Lire plus...]

Cook French, french cook of france, french cooking,

marc-veyrat-et Pierrette

Cook French regional, French typical cooking, french cook of france,french traditional cook, regional French specialities, menus of French cooking, French charts of regional cuisine. How to know all the dishes of the French cuisine so much famous universally?? ---This text is translated by Internet Alta Vista, with errors. thank you to excuse … [Lire plus...]

Typical dishes of Paris


cook French, names of the typical dishes of Paris, names of the French typical specialities of Paris, typical dishes Parisian, French gastronomy, menus, charts of the restaurants translated on the French traditional dishes, French desserts, all the French cuisine is in Paris by the large variety of the restaurants which propose the dishes of the … [Lire plus...]

Names of the French dishes of Provence

the French cuisine, the french gastronomy, and typical dishes, Cote d' azur specialities, Nice, Marseille, Mediterranean. The santons them of Provence for Christmas and the tradition of the French cuisine,  the typical dishes, specialities are: Aïoli, Pissaladière, Salade Niçoise, Bouillabaisse, Anchois de Collioure, Loup grillé au fenouil, la … [Lire plus...]

The French gastronomy of Normandy

The French gastronomy of Normandy, the regional, typical, and traditional specialities are: Andouille of Transfers, the young ladies of Cherbourg to the stroke, the plate dieppoise, the chicken vallé d' Trough, the tripe with the mode of Caen, the duck with the rouennaise, salted Lamb the pre one. for CHEESES: the Camembert cheese, the livarot, the … [Lire plus...]

what to eat in France?

what to eat in France? the dishes the French cuisine make the French gastronomy. Receipts and desserts are typical specialities of France, by areas, which you will discover in the collection, guides of Pierrette. To prepare your voyage and to find all information on the products and food of the traditional kitchen. The typical dishes of the … [Lire plus...]