French typical receipts

 cooking french typical receipts, typical receipts of the French cook, to eat in France, the dishes typical. The receipts of the typical dishes of the French gastronomy, are on the site: There are also receipts of French spangled big bosses.


——this text is translated by Internet, with errors, thank you to excuse us. The sold books are translated by professionals of each country, without any error. —–

guide_pierrette_en.jpgThis web site is the web site of the dictionary – guide of 959 names of the French typical dishes of all the French areas.



Translated into French-English, French-German, French-Spanish, French-Italian, and as a French.

The magazine Living France – october 2008 page 12 and House of France of London and New York addressed in their new letter of end  year, with their subscribers the information on the exit of the guide-dictionary of P. FELOUX. It give folders of presentation of the book to London, ant Envy to consult before to buy it, on the site description is presented:  You choose to visualize the pages of the book, or reading the 959 names of the lexicon.


 » Aioïli, anchoïade, baeckeoffe, bouillabaisse, bourride, etc …..
cotriade, sauerkraut, cassoulet, etc……
kugelhopf, Picardy string, pounti, truffade, apron of sapper, double fat, potfuls, tapenade, etc…
Brest bets, coffee ice cream, crèpes suzettes, marrowy with the chocolate. ….. »


 » You do not know? or you do not remember any more? …… here the book you have need.

The book is in a pocket format to be always with you. 276 pages of dishes and photographs offer to you the definition of all the menus of the restaurants of the French areas. The author advises you to keep the French menu.

Practical, useful and easy by the scan for the nouns of the dishes by alphabetical letter of A to Z, or by category of dishes. You keep the French menus to have the exact name of the French dish.

The lexicon gives you the number of the page. You have at once the dish with its photograph, the description of food and the fast receipt. The more complete receipt is on Internet site: 

Approval by French big bosses: Joel ROBUCHON. Used by the pupils of the whole world of l’ school of course of French cuisine –OF International repute Mr. PAUL BOCUSE in France.

Envy to order the guide dictionary on line, you receive a small present and a dedication of the author, before 5 days in EUROPE, purchase made safe by PAYPAL, you join the many users of the whole world, the comments are with being read on the web site : 



Many sales outlets in France,
in Paris
W H SMITH, Brentanos, Galleries Lafayettes Haussman.
In other regiones, the shop of the tourist bureau of the Mount Saint Michel, Dinard, Honfleur, Memorial of Caen, Tourist offices of Cannes, Grasse, Antibes, Théoule, Mandelieu. The fnac and on their web site sell the book.


– to come to visit France and to eat the dishes of the French cuisine for your dinners in the restaurants of whole France.

– with all in love and amateurs with the French cuisine,

– with all pupils of the schools of cuisine, hotel trade, restoration

– with all our friends foreign visitors with whom to converse on the cuisine n’ is not always easy even by having a command of their language.

– Restorers for your charts and menus, have the guide in your room of restaurant an invaluable help if you do not speak the 5 languages suggested…. even the large de luxe hotels appreciate the guide!!

How to explain calf sweetbread, a Tartar, tripoux???

easy with the guide, the translation and the photograph of the dish helps with better including/understanding the French dish.


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