What to eat in Toulouse?

 Which are the typical, flat dishes traditional in Toulouse? French regional specialities of midday the pyrénée, High Garonne,
Toulouse, the  » city; rose » thus called, is known for  » Toulouse cassoulet,  » with a sausage, also cooked in Castelnaudary, and Carcassonne, been useful with l’ lamb. Dish been useful in its terra cotta container, The duck, with its crystallized, its steaklets, its sleeves, its aglets,
Other dishes with boletus (very scented mushrooms) snails, the tortas (paste surrounding of the meats or mushrooms) stews, (sauce dishes) the truffles, (very expensive and famous for their perfume, are with the foot of the trees  » chenes ») pork-butchery: duck pies, ballotines, sausage of Toulouse,
falette: chest stuffed with bacon and blettes,
garbure: potful with cabbages, turnips, carrots, beans, potatoes, beef, soup can be been used for share with grated cheese. duck foie gras or d’ goose.
 fenestrated: cake containing paste d’ almond and of lemon,
gasconnade: Leg at base d’ garlic and anchovy, cake with the pin, beans tarbais, dry vegetable been useful with the cassoulet.
 the roll of mazamet, (with the blood of the cooked pig)
The cheese of laguiole, the roquefort, nuts,
A candy the melon of lectoure delicacy known in the whole world,
Production of the  » violet of toulouse » soup out of candy, jams, and sold in perfume of toilet.
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