recipe : Aile de Raie aux Câpres o Skate wing with Capers

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photo of tHE RECIPE - french cooking :  Skate wing with Capers  o aile de raie aux câpres. The booklet  SOLD in the  PIERRETTE 'S BOUTIQUE.  see the booklet and PIERRETTE'S GUIDE on the web site : Pierrette's boutique Pierrette has selected 959 authentic and typical dishes from French areas , specialities and desserts … [Lire plus...]

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A  à Z France, French gastronomy, in France, French gastronomy and French food in the dictionary of French gastronomy of the areas of France. All French gastronomy with the products of the soil and their origin. ------- This text is translated into by Internet with errors, thank you to excuse us. The book is translated by professionals of each … [Lire plus...]

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bookshop : Edition : Pierrette FELOUX, Sales outlets of the book: the Pierrette's Guide , french cuisine, what dish to choose ? al restaurante. Area of NORMANDY - AVRANCHES - Handle Cultural centre LECLERC Road d' Issigny 50300 ST MARTIN OF the FIELDS - AVRANCHES CEDEX Such 02 33 79 48 60 GRANVILLE - HANDLE ARTS CENTRE LECLERC Grandvidis, … [Lire plus...]

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Bookshop : Sales outlets of the book: Pierrette 's Guide. area LORRAINE ALSACE -   Low STRASBOURG the Rhine Kleber bookshop of the " whole world " 31 place kleber 67000 STRASBOURG   METZ - the Moselle Tourist office - 2 place d' Weapons 57007 METZ Cedex 1 other sales outlets in France, in Belgium, Spain, on the … [Lire plus...]

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Bookshops, edition Pierrette FELOUX, French cuisine,Pierrette's guide, Sales outlets of the book:  area PYRENEES MIDDAY in FRANCE DOORS CULTURAL CENTRE CENTERS E. LECLERC 5, av. François Abadie 65100 LOURDES. 05 62 46 19 72 LETTERS AND IMAGES 7 rue Saint Pierre 65100 LOURDES 05 62 94 00 29 other sales outlets in France, in Belgium, … [Lire plus...]

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lesson of French cuisine in France. lesson of French cuisine, in English, German, Spanish, Italian. The international school of French cuisine Paul BOCUSE, (the Rhone), proposes to the pupils, in book of reference, of the editions " P. FELOUX, " the PIERRETTE'S GUIDE - what dish to choose? " on 959 names of dishes of French cuisine and in … [Lire plus...]