Paris, Paris champs elysées, cuisine in Paris, the Louvre in Paris, visits



A Paris, Triumphal arch in Paris and fields élysées,(champs elysées)  visits in



Paris after the fields elysées, of the pyramid of the Louvre, and to eat the cuisine of Paris and specialities of Paris in the restaurants of Paris.

***** this text is translated by Internet with errors. Thank you to excuse us. The book is translated by professionals of each country, without any error—–

Visit the opera garnier- places opera, to the galleries lafayettes haussman, Haussman boulevard, to benefit from it in the



galleries lafayettes with the ray  » bookshop » or on the 6th floor international ray



of frankness, to buy your translator of the menus of the dinners at the restaurants.

 » the PIERRETTE’S GUIDE » – Which dish to choose? - before returning in a restaurant to eat the specialities of Paris.
Translated into French, French-English
, French-German, French-Spanish, French-Italian.

You have food and the photograph of 959 dishes of French specialities to visit and eat in all the French areas. Which dishes of the guide to be eaten in Paris:

guide_pierrette_en.jpg** the pot with fire, blanquette, steak tartare, tournedos rossini, slice of bread with marrow, rabbit stew, crunches Sir, calf sweetbread, plate of seafood, double fat, ox paleron, ox pole, main tournedos D hotel., calf Grenadians, calf medallions, calf rolls, ……

**** and the desserts: lemon tart, baba with rum, chocolate mousse, pear beautiful Helene etc…

WITHOUT FORGETTING in Paris, dishes of the restaurants of regional specialities : truffade, cotriade, carbonnade, baeckoffe, bourride, bouillabaisse, aîoli, potful auvergnate, cassoulet, garbure inhabitant of Béarn, ……

With the PIERRETTE’S GUIDE, you have the FIRST DICTIONARY and COLLECTION OF the French DISHES. Impossible to know all the dishes of French specialities, here the book which gives you 959 French specialities with the editions of P. FELOUX.

On 276 pages, and a pocket format for to always carry with you. A lexicon of A to Z, a lexicon by category of dishes help you to find the names of the dishes easily.

Easy, practical and useful, you will not be able any more to separate you from the guide-dictionary of  » Pierrette ». Especially for you visitors of France, you create become the specialists in the French cuisine .

**** Now, you can taste all the dishes, of the French cuisine, with the exact knowledge of the dish, the photograph and the description of food is in the guide. Any tasting is easy with the PIERRETTE’S guide.

**** On the site while going on the flag of your country, the translation enables you to look at the pages of the book, the names of the 959 dishes proposed, and the photographs of these dishes. 

The site proposes  to you; purchase on line with safety paypal, and them addresses of the many sales outlets, bookshops, tourist offices, etc... in FRANCE and BELGIUM, and SPAIN. The comments of the users of the whole world are with being read on the site.

The receipts of the French specialities and the receipts of big bosses are on the site of the

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