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The FONDUE IN SAVOY with cheese of BEAUFORT east consumed since the average page called  » a little; the prince of the gruyères » . These cheeses are basic food consumed as well as the pig. To balance the marked taste of Beaufort, one adds county and Emmenthaler cheese which one imported by Swiss immigrants of Bern. But each family adds her small secrecy, for example a share of volume  » said of Savoie » , in a rubbed pot  garlic, of wine  Apremont,  Abymes or of Chignin for a  » mixture; d’ stone with fusil » attacks; , Some add a little kirsch to point out  Alsace not so far… Still some lines with reading and one gives you the receipt of the Savoyard fondue.

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RECEIPT FOR 6 people, preparation 15 minutes, cooking 10 minutes, and poelon fondue set out of ground glazed or enamelled cast iron, like material of tasting.

INGREDIENTS: 400 gr. of Beaufort, 200 gr. of county 200 gr. d’ Emmenthaler cheese, 2 pods d’ garlic, 2 kirsch Cl 50 dry white wine Cl d’ Apremont or d’ Abymes or of Chignin 1 nutmeg pinch out of powder, salt, pepper, 400 gr. of bread, or rye bread.

PREPARATION: Cut out cheese in small Des. Ouvrez the pods d’ garlic in two without peeling them and rub in the bottom and the walls of the poelon. Put the pieces of Beaufort to be melted with soft fire in the poelon with the white wine while stirring up continuously with the wood spatula. Maintain l’ boiling during 3 minutes so that the cheese founds in a homogeneous way. Place at hundred Re the poelon at the top of the stove at lit alcohol, pour kirsch while stirring up, add salt, pepper and nutmeg.


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