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lesson of French cuisine in France. lesson of French cuisine, in English, German, Spanish, Italian. The international school of French cuisine Paul BOCUSE, (the Rhone), proposes to the pupils, in book of reference, of the editions  » P. FELOUX,

 » the PIERRETTE’S GUIDE – what dish to choose?  »
on 959 names of dishes of French cuisine and in PHOTOGRAPHS.

guide_pierrette_en.jpg———THIS TEXT is translated by Internet, of the errors exist. Thank you to excuse us. The book proposed is translated by translators of each country, without any error. ——-

This first guide-dictionary helps all the pupils to learn 959 dishes from the French cuisine.

All the dishes of the areas of France, which made the fame of the French cuisine, are in the guide-dictionary.

First guide-dictionary in photographs and translated;
in French,

Format practises pocket. Not very cumbersome, easy to read and useful. A great help by the name of food of each dish.
A photograph of the dish is important information.
The description of the preparation and the fast receipt of the dish supplement l’ information. A lexicon of A to Z makes it possible to find directly by the French name the required dish. The translation comes afterwards.

Other advises to keep the menus of the French restaurants. Another lexicon by category helps with another research, example:
** a  » calf marengo » is with the catégorie » veau » ,
*** of the  » fritters of zucchini  » flower; is with the  » category; légumes »
***  » a cabecou » is with the  » category; fromages »
***  » a sauce ravigote » is with the  » category; sauces »
*** a  » bets brest » is with the  » category; patisserie »
*** a  » coffee liegeois » is with the  » category; desserts »
***  » one compotée of fruits rouges » is with the  » category; fruits »

With the use:
– in love ones with the cooks of the French cuisine, l’ origin of the areas is noted with the dishes,
– amateurs who wish to progress in the French cuisine.
– pupils of the schools d’ hotel trade-restoration for the revision of the examinations of end d’ year. Many French schools chose the  » guide-dictionary  » for their pupils.
– for the training courses d’ hotel trade, restoration in various countries,
– with the professors of languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian) in the vocational schools d’ hotel trade-restoration,
– professional cooks for the translation of the menus and descriptions in 5 languages,
– restorers, main d’ hotel, caretakers d’ hotels, guides interpreters, waiters of the restoration.

More difficulties to explain  » laugh at veau » a  » tartare » a  » tournedos rossini » etc.

the photograph and the lines translated on the dish are an invaluable help.
– foreign tourists for the translation of the menus of the dinners in the restaurants of whole France,
– to improve its languages as regards French cuisine.
– for the school exchanges in gift of welcome on the French gastronomy.



**** Joel ROBUCHON, Marc VEYRAT, French spangled big bosses, approves the guide-dictionary which rescence a large variety of the French dishes of the French areas.

TO OFFER and BUY in the version of its choice,

**** on the site on line: www.cuisine-francaise.org. Before 5 days in Europe, you receive the book with a word of l’ author and a small present; Read the comments (on the site) of the delighted purchasers to have ordered on the site.

**** or in one of the many sales outlets in France, (public tourist offices, bookshops, monument of France etc…) the addresses are on the site: www.cuisine-francaise.org

**** In Belgium, in Brussels in Maison of France, in Spain, House from France in Madrid and Barcelona.

**** House of France which depends on the Minister for French tourism, gives the folders of presentation of the guide-dictionary in their offices of the 25 countries, where they represent France. (London, New York, Frankfurt, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, etc…)

To carry out the receipts of the dishes given in the guide-dictionary on the French cuisine, they are on the site of the www.cuisine-francaise.org guide-dictionary.

*** Of the spangled big bosses also their receipts give, often come on the site to find new receipts.

GOOD LESSON OF FRENCH CUISINE, with the  » guide dictionnaire »

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